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Easter is the biggest day for chocolate sales in the United States. Unfortunately, most of the Easter candy American children will enjoy is harvested by children in Cote D’Ivoire and Ghana. These countries collectively supply over 70% of the world’s cocoa sold to consumers by the major chocolate brands, and most of it is harvested with child labor. I know this because I have been researching child slavery in West African cocoa production for over twenty years.

Press Release   04/01/2021

Contact: Terry Collingsworth, Executive Director 1-202-543-5811 @tpcollingsworth

The Complaint filed today and the full press release are attached below.

Press Release   02/12/2021

Below is the english translation of a recent El Tiempo Article describing the prosecution of the heads of Drummond Colombia, Augusto Jimenez Mejia and Jose Miguel Linares. Please also find attached below the decision of the prosecutor.


Drummond Colombia president accused of alleged link with paramilitaries--
The prosecuting body declared the illegal actions of the Northern Block of the AUC
a crime against humanity.

Press Release   12/30/2020